Web Developer

I am a seasoned web developer with 15 years experience working with many different online technologies. I believe in writing clean code that adheres to industry best practices, and I enjoy staying current of the latest trends.

Sean Rowe

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • SQL
  • Ruby
  • Perl
  • Java
  • C/C++/C#

Since graduating high school in 1993, I have attended college sporadically with hope that I would eventually be able to complete a degree and take my career to the next level. However, during my time in college I had the good fortune of working with companies both on a salary basis and on a contract basis that allowed me to prove myself through the quality of my work. I could no longer justify the expense and time necessary to complete the degree requirements, and so dropped out to focus on my career. I hope you will agree with my former employers and mentors that my experience and technical knowledge is commensurate.

Work Experience
  • Tronix
    2014 - Present

    Working on presentation layer, focusing on UI event handling and handling processing by consuming REST services through AJAX

    • Working on separating out the presentation layer from the backend with the goal of consuming services instead of relying on page refreshes to control UI content.
    • Porting VB into C# in the .NET platform.
    • Helping team members sort out Javascript issues.
  • Shoregroup
    2012 - 2014

    Worked on refactoring a product from code consisting of a mixture of PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into a modern MVC framework that could be tested and extended using OOP design patterns.

    • Assisted Product Owners in analyzing legacy code for current business rule compliance and reinterpretation into an MVC design
    • Was instrumental in Management decision to use Yii as the MVC framework our code would standardize around
    • Assisted in training the company in the use of Yii, and creating documentation for that purpose
    • Completed SCRUM training and received certification as a SCRUM Master

    Worked within small teams to:

    • Estimate the complexity of user stories written by Product Owners and Stakeholders.
    • Break user stories into tasks that would take no more than 4 hours to complete
    • Swarm on tasks when necessary to ensure all projects given were completed on time.
    • Participate in code reviews that kept the codebase clean and compliant with company standards
    • Code all tasks using TDD principles by utilizing testing frameworks such as PHPUnit, Selenium, and JSUnit
  • Greystone CES
    2009 - 2012

    Greystone CES (now FoCoS Innovations) built a tool that the state of New Mexico used to run their MiVia Medicaid voucher program.

    • Received requirements documentation from management for new tools that I then implemented using a typical LAMP stack
    • Streamlined existing tools to work faster by implementing many actions that were at one time posted using traditional HTML forms to instead post using AJAX
    • Found and implemented useful jQuery plugins to cut down on development time
    • Performed code reviews with team members to ensure new and existing code was created with standards in mind
    • Hosted developer meet-ups internally to discuss new methodologies and to promote new ideas around how our product was developed and maintained
    • Assisted in implementing a switch to the Yii framework for backend PHP development
    • Assisted in moving JavaScript out of the views and into their own library.
    • Refactored existing code using industry standard design patterns
  • ePublishing
    2006 - 2009

    I took design specifications given to me by management through the process from development to testing, and finally into production.

    • Worked with QA staff to ensure that each new site performed to the client’s unique specifications, and that each page and related admin tool were bug free
    • At times, I was in direct contact with the client to gain a better understanding of requirements and to ensure they felt that their needs were being met.
    • Coded each site using JSP/Java/JavaScript in a Linux environment, utilizing a MySQL database backend, and served in JBoss or Tomcat.
    • Worked with Scriptaculous and jQuery to create dynamic front end tools that communicated with the backend via AJAX
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arkansas
    2002 - 2006

    I worked on the AHIN team to produce and maintain the electronic claims system for Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield.

    • Created validation scripts in Tcl/Tk to ensure that incoming claims met government guidelines and internal business rules
    • Assisted in new development and maintenance of the AHIN website, used both internally by staff to maintain customer claim records and externally by customers to view and create claims.
    • Wrote scripts in Perl to handle day-to-day administrative tasks in an enterprise UNIX environment.
    • Ran custom queries on a DB2 database to provide immediate support for internal staff.
Employment Timeline
  • Tronix
  • Shoregroup
  • Greystone CES
  • ePublishing
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arkansas
  • 2002
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2012
  • 2014

In addition to development work, I have also been called on to teach courses and write documentation.

  • I was often called upon during my time at Greystone to write documentation and give talks about various development-related topics.

  • At Shoregroup, I put together training material and hosted a company-wide talk about Yii and how to use it.


I am a certified SCRUM master, and have played the role many times. Good leaders listen and facilitate communication between all levels of management, QA, and development staff. Good leaders delegate, and are not afraid to be criticized. Good leaders listen to criticism, but also must make the final call. Good leaders give praise when deserved and are not afraid to admit when they are wrong.